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I aim to be as eco-friendly as possible and all my sea-glass jewellery is made with care & love right here, on the coastline in Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

I specialise in creating unique and individual pieces of jewellery, from sea-glass I find glistening in the sun on the shoreline, whilst out beach cleaning and removing plastics.

What is sea glass? Regarded as a symbol of renewal and healing, a metaphor for life, sea-glass can take decades of natural tumbling in the ocean to become smooth and jewel-like. Bottles/jars that have ended up in the sea, find a new purpose, some dark blue pieces of sea glass even date back to the Victorian times!

I have a small workshop in Freshwater East, you can contact me direct on 07918 845826 or use the contact form if you want to request a particular item. If you have your own precious piece of sea glass, I can create bespoke jewellery, tailored to your choice of design and individual budget. I also offer bookings to view the full range in my workshop.

Being environmentally friendly is very important to me. I use recycled/ recyclable packaging and wrap the majority of my jewellery on driftwood!

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